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Alex is from Scotland and is married with 2 children. He currently works as a service engineer installing, servicing and repairing Postal Franking machines, photocopiers and general office equipment. His area covers the whole of Scotland. His interest in aircraft, and biplanes in particular, started when he read ‘Faith, Hope and Charity’ by Kenneth Pullman and ‘Ace of Aces’ by E C R Baker as a teenager. This gave him an interest in RAF pre-WWII biplanes, especially the Gloster Gladiator, although he does branch out into more modern aircraft now and again with the likes of the Mosquito.
  • 8125 Buckingham
    Bristol’s Buckingham, Brigand and Buckmaster (Orange Series)
    Tekst w j. angielskim
    In late 1939, the Air Ministry were looking to replace the Blenheim as a medium bomber. Bristol Aircraft Company (BAC) initially came up with a bomber development of the Beaufighter, the Type 161. Due to specification changes and redesigns, the end result was the Type 163 Buckingham, a twin engined,...
  • 9152 Combat Meteors
    Combat Meteors
    tekst w j. angielskim
    As the title suggests this book is devoted to the nations that used the Meteor in anger. After WWII Europe’s air forces were keen to rebuild their air arms with jet aircraft. With little to choose from the Meteor was the prime candidate and hundreds were sold over the following years.
  • 8123 Javelin
    Flying Flatiron, Gloster Javelin
    Tekst w j. angielskim
    The Flying Flat Iron and the Harmonious Dragmaster were just two names given to the Gloster Javelin. Designed from the outset as an all-weather day and night two seat fighter, its aim was to take on the large formations of Russian bombers that everyone thought would herald the start of...
  • 8118 Gauntlet przod
    Gloster Gauntlet
    The Gloster Gauntlet was a British single-seat biplane fighter of the RAF, designed and built by the Gloster Aircraft Company in the 1930s.
  • 263 Squadron mala
    263 Squadron
    This work tells the story of 263 Squadron, who took its Gladiators to Norway, not once but twice. In order to provide the ground troops with air cover the Squadron was sent to operate from a frozen lake in the south of Norway.
  • 210.jpg
    Interactive Gloster Gladiator
    The Gladiator was the last biplane fighter in service with the RAF. Despite its obsolescence in 1939 it saw considerable active service in WW2, from the African desert to the snows of Finland. In this two-volume set, Alex Crawford tells the complete story of the Gladiator.
  • 151.jpg
    Gloster Gladiator vol. 2
    Gloster Gladiator był ostatnim dwupłatem jaki służył w i walczył we Francji, Grecji i Północnej Afryce w barwach RAF. Używany był także operacyjnie w wielu innych krajach.
    The second volume in MMP’s revised and extended work on the RAF’s last biplane fighter. This volume describes and illustrates all the surviving airframes around the world, and has comprehensive coverage of the technical specifications and an extended walk-around series of detail photos.
  • 101.jpg
    Gloster Gladiator vol. I
    Gladiator był ostatnim dwupłatowym myśliwcem w służbie RAF. Pomimo tego, że był już przestarzały wziął udział w 2 w.ś. i to na wielu frontach, od Afryki do śniegów Finlandii. Jest to piereszy tom z dwuczęsciowego zestawu. Alex Crawford opisał kompletną historię Gladiatora.
    The Gladiator was the last biplane fighter in service with the RAF. Despite its obsolescence in 1939 it saw considerable active service in WW2, from the African desert to the snows of Finland. In this two-volume set, Alex Crawford tells the complete story of the Gladiator.
  • 44.jpg
    One of the rarest and least documented versions of the versatile de Havilland Mosquito, the Mk XVIII "Tse-tse" was armed with a 57mm gun. Originally intended for anti-tank duties, the 17 airframes produced served instead with Coastal Command on anti-ship and anti-submarine missions.
  • 33.jpg
    Hawker Hart Family
    Development and service history of Hart Family aircraft including: Hart, Demon, Osprey, Audax, Hardy, Hind, Hector. One of the most important and successful aircraft in the inter-war period, the Hawker Hart family of biplanes was used extensively across the whole British Empire from India to Afghanistan, Australia, New Zealand...
  • 32.jpg
    Hawker Fury & Nimrod
    The Hawker Fury was perhaps the most beautiful biplane fighter ever built, and was the RAF's first aircraft capable of exceeding 200mph in level flight. Together with its naval counterpart, the Nimrod, the Fury served with many air forces right up until the beginning of WW2.
  • 73.jpg
    Bristol Bulldog & Gloster Gauntlet
    This is the story of two of Britain’s most successful and popular inter-war (1930s) fighter aircraft. It contains: A complete and comprehensive history of the development & service of both types * Scale plans * photos and drawings from Technical Manuals * Superb colour illustrations of camouflage and markings, walk-around...
  • 60.jpg
    Gloster Gladiator 1st Edition
    The operational history of the RAF's last biplane fighter, covering all the air forces using this famous aircraft - from Finland to China. The book includes the true story of the legendary defence of Malta. Gladiators flew operations from the burning sands of the African deserts to the frozen tundra...

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