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Polish Fighter Colours 1939–1947 vol. 1

White • 2016
AuthorsBartłomiej Belcarz, Robert Gretzyngier, Tomasz J. Kopański, Wojtek Matusiak, Wojciech Zmyślony, Marek Rogusz
IllustratorRobert Grudzień, Artur Juszczak, Robert Gretzyngier, Karolina Hołda, Teodor L. Moroşanu
Release date2016-06-14
Cat. No.9131
CategoryAvailable CategoryDostępne
FormatA4, 280 pages (280 in colour)
Price169.00 PLN Price40.00 GBP

This book describes in detail the camouflage and markings of the day fighters used by the Polish Air Force in 1939–47. Aircraft of Polish, French, British, American, Soviet and German origin are shown.

Written by a well-known distinguished Polish aviation historians: Belcarz, Gretzyngier, Kopański, Matusiak, Rogusz and Zmyślony
Many historical photos and colour profiles.

Aircraft described in vol 1 


PZL P.7a, 

PZL P.11a & PZL P.11c,

Morane Saulnier MS.406,

Bloch MB.151 & 152

Caudron-Renault CR.714,

Curtiss H-75A,

Dewoitine D.520,

Koolhoven FK.58

Dewoitine D.501/510

Hawker Hurricane I-IV,

Supermarine Spitfire I-II

Supermarine Spitfire V




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    Polish Fighter Colours 1939-1947: Volume 1 Book Review

    By David L. Veres

    Date of Review February 2017 Title Polish Fighter Colours 1939-1947: Volume 1
    Author Bartlomiej Belcarz, Robert Gretzyngier, Tomasz J. Kopanski, Wojtek Matusiak, Marek Rogusz, Wojciech Zmyslony Publisher Mushroom Model Publications
    Published 2016 ISBN 9788363678623
    Format 280 pages, hardbound MSRP (USD) $69.00


    Let's cut to the chase: anyone interested in World War II Polish airpower should buy, beg or borrow this ripping read.

    Polish airmen were the first to face the fury of Nazi aggression in World War II. Now MMP deftly details the heraldry and warpaint of their mounts in volume 1 of Polish Fighter Colours 1939-1947 – part of the publisher's excellent "White (Rainbow) Series".

    Expertly authored by a respected team of Polish researchers, coverage chronologically courses through four phases:

    • The Interwar Period
    • The September 1939 Campaign
    • The Battle of France
    • The Battle of Britain

    Aircraft covered include:

    • PWS-10
    • PZL P.7a
    • PZL P.11a and P.11c
    • Morane Saulnier MS 406C-1
    • Bloch MB.151 and MB.152
    • Caudron-Renault CR.714
    • Curtiss Hawk 75A
    • Dewoitine D.520
    • Koolhoven FK.58
    • Dewoitine D.501 and 510
    • Hawker Hurricane I, II and IV
    • Supermarine Spitfire I, II and V

    Contents commence with an outstanding introduction to Polish military aviation – its origins, history, nomenclature, force structure and camouflage. Reflecting latest research, MMP's warpaint notes proved especially illuminating. How about that rare Nobiles Company paint chip chart?

    Individual aircraft subjects sport a superb color profile, camouflage and markings notes, reference shots, and service notes. Where additional photos exist, color plates also include plan, opposite side and scrap views.

    Speaking of which: Karolina Holda's outstanding color profiles remain some of the finest, most accurate I've ever seen. She faithfully captures every visible color break and marking nuance. Just savor her amazing reconstruction of FK.58 No.11's "Mermaid of Warsaw"!

    Text hints at some intriguing things, too – but occasionally leaves readers twisting in the proverbial wind.

    Why no photo of the "wavy colour division line" between top and bottom camouflage on that rare PZL.50/II "abandoned in the prototype hanger of PZL in September 1939"? Someone surely has a shot. What "serious problems" did Turkey face with its ex-Polish Morane Saulnier MS.406s? And why did the legendary Jan Zumbach say, "'everyone was pop-eyed at how good the machines [FK.58s] were'"? My kingdom for the reason!

    But I quibble.

    MMP has forged deservedly resplendent repute for gems like these. Grab this brilliant book – now. I eagerly – indeed, impatiently – await its sequel.

    Rabidly recommended!

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    Polish Fighter Colors 1939-1947, Vol.1


    Published: August 17th, 2016      
    Product Image
    Author: Bartlomiej Belcarz, Robert Gretzyngier, Tomasz J. Kopański, Wojtek Matusiak, Marek Rogusz
    Reviewed by: 
    Pablo Bauleo, IPMS# 46363
    Company: MMP Books
    ISBN #: 978-83-63678-62-3
    E-Book ISBN #: 978-83-63678-62-3
    Price: $69.00
    Product / Stock #: Rainbow #9131


    The Polish Air Force during WWII fought in many fronts, under many different camouflage schemes and with a very large variety of aircraft.

    This book covers the Polish Air Force, as an autonomous force in Poland, during 1939, and as an independent Air Force, integrated for operations with the French Air Force (1940) and the RAF mainly for the period 1940-1943.

    For each main section –as described above- there is a chapter that describes the general strategic and tactical situation, the overall organization and coordination with French and British Air Forces, plus some high level description of the combat roles.

    There is another chapter devoted to the general details of camouflage colors, scheme and markings, and later there are specific chapters for each airframe flown by Polish pilots.

    The airframes cover include: PWS-10, PZL.P.7a, PZL.P.11a and 11.c, while an autonomous Air Force, MS.406, Bloch MB 151 and MB 152, Caudron CR.714, Curtiss H-75A, Dewoitine D.520, D.501 and D.510, Koolhoven FK.58, while in France, plus Hawker Hurricane I, II and IV, Spitfire I, II and V, while integrated with the RAF.

    Note that I say integrated with RAF and French Air Force, as they were not absorbed into those services. The Polish Air Force remained an independent force, integrated with the French and Royal Air Forces.

    Each one of the airframe-centric chapters include black and white pictures of specific airframes plus gorgeous color profiles, and in some cases even 4-view drawings. For most, if not all pictures, there is a location and timeframe, plus some other historical facts of the airframe and/or the pilot.

    I have scanned a few pages to indicate the quality of the images and color prolifes and you can find a video –with all the pages- at

    While reading Volume 1 there were references to the upcoming Volume 2 so I suspect it will include later Spitfire marks (Mark IX) and Mustangs in RAF service, and probably also some Polish pilots that flew with the Soviet Air Force and USAAF.

    This book is an excellent resource for the aviation history aficionado and a source of inspiration for the modeler. I know I want to build my Caudron CR.714 now.

    Very highly recommended.

    I would like to thank Mushroom Model Publication and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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