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T-34-85 After WW2: Camouflage & Markings 1946-2016

Green • 2018
AuthorsPrzemysław Skulski
Release date2018-04-10
Cat. No.4126
CategoryForthcoming CategoryNiebawem
FormatA4, 112 pages (112 in colour)
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The Russian T-34 was possibly the best medium tank of World War Two, and was a major influence on all subsequent tank designs. It served in huge numbers with the Soviet Army and its allies, and was also used by their enemies! This book continues the story of the T-34-85, this time in post-war service. Information is included about post-war production in the USSR, and licensed versions made in Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and Poland.

A brief summary of the T-34's involvement in conflicts and active service up to 2016 is given. The most important part of the book describes the camouflage and markings of T-34-85s in service around the world.

There are more than 40 especially commissioned colour profiles, and over 150 black-and-white and colour photographs, many never previously published.

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