Imperial Japanese Navy Aircraft Instrument Panels
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Imperial Japanese Navy Aircraft Instrument Panels

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Illustrator Hisato Nakada 

ISBN 9788365958402

Format A4, 44 pages (44 in colour) 

This book - the fifth in a new series called INSIDE - features detailed colour illustrations of the instrument panels from the most famous Imperial Japanese Navy aircraft in great detail. The book illustrates and documents the instrument panels of the following WWII Japanese aircraft: Mitsubishi A5M4 Type 96; Mitsubishi A6M2a & A6M3; Mitsubishi A6M5 & A6M5c; Mitsubishi J2M2 & J2M3 late; Kyushu J7W1; Kawanishi N1K2-J; Nakajima B5N1, B6N1 & B6N2; Aichi B7A2, D3A1 & D3A2; Yokosuka D4Y4 Mitsubishi G4M2; Yokosuka P1Y1; Nakajima C6N1; Kawanishi H8K1.