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Desert Prelude v. 2: Operation Compass
SKU: 9113

This is the second of two volumes providing an in-depth look at the air war over the North African desert in the early days of World War II. 

24.99 GBP
Desert Prelude. Early clashes
SKU: 9107
The campaign in North Africa in 1940, between Italian and Commonwealth forces, has been little studied or written about. In this, the first of two volumes, the air war from June to November of 1940 is described.
24.99 GBP
Douglas F3D Skyknight
SKU: 9135
The F3D was designed as a carrier-based all-weather fighter aircraft. It saw service with the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps. While it never achieved the fame of the F-86 Sabre or other contemporary aircraft, it downed several MiG-15s as a night fighter over Korea with only one air-to-air loss.
13.99 GBP
Douglas SBD Dauntless
SKU: 6123
History, drawings and technical detail of the important of US Navy most successful W.W.II diving bomber.
15.00 GBP
Dunkirk 1940, Through a German Lens
SKU: Camera On 01

This new photo album, one of first in the Camera On series, contains over 200 photographs of the Battle for Dunkirk - from the German perspective.

The photos, mostly unpublished before now, are from German sources including private snaps taken by German soldiers. They cover the retreat to Dunkirk, the battles for the town and beaches and the aftermath of the evacuation. Vehicles, equipment, ships and aircraft are all covered.

14.00 GBP
Market price: 15.00 GBP save 7%
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