Dick Taylor

Dickie Boy May 12

Dick Taylor is a recently-retired British Army Lieutenant Colonel who has been deployed in many areas of the world, including Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan and lately, in Sierra Leone in the fight against Ebola. Joining the army as a junior soldier in 1976, he has served exclusively in the Royal Tank Regiment.  Commissioned in 2000, he has specialised in tank gunnery instruction, Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear operations, Psychological Operations, and defence exporting.  He has a First Class degree in History, a Master of Philosophy degree in Historical Research, and a Master of Arts degree in Political Science. He is married with two sons and lives in Blandford Forum, Dorset.

  • 4128 Weathering
    Real Weathering
    Tekst w j. angielskim
    This is a book about weathering and designed with one audience in mind – the military modeler. To be sure, there are many books concerned with weathering military models available, but they all concentrate on weathering techniques – pre-shading, washes, pin-washes, dry-brushing, hairspray, you name it, it has a name...
  • Warpaint 4 variant
    Warpaint: Volume 4
    This book, the long-awaited final volume in the series, further describes and illustrates post-WW2 British armoured camouflage and markings as follows:
  • Warpaint 3 variant
    Warpaint Vol 3
    Reprint 2021.
  • 106.jpg
    Warpaint Vol. 2
    tekst w j. polskim
    This book, Volume 2 in a series of four, describes and illustrates the colours and markings used by the British army on its vehicles during the 20th century. The major sections in this volume cover the following topics:
  • Warpaint 1 variant
    Warpaint Vol 1
  • 4119 Firing now
    Firing Now!
    This book explores the fascinating history of tank, anti-tank and self-propelled artillery ammunition used by the British and Americans in World War 2. As well as examining the major ammunition types in detail, the work also explains, for the first time in a book of this type, how ammunition functions...
  • 257.jpg
    Men Inside the Metal: Volume 2
    This book, the second volume in a series of two, completes the story of the uniforms and equipment of British and Commonwealth tank and AFV crews, 1939-1945. The evolution of uniforms, and the variations in actual use on all fronts, are described and illustrated, as is the personal equipment of...
  • 237.jpg
    This book, Volume 1 in a series of two, completes the story of the uniforms and equipment of British tank and AFV crews. The evolution of uniforms, and the variations in actual use on all fronts, are described and illustrated, as is the personal equipment of AFV crews.
  • 163.jpg
    The Valentine was unusual, as unlike most British tanks to see service during WW2 it began life as a private venture. That is, it was not designed to a General Staff (GS) specification, but came off the drawing-board with the intention of exciting enough interest within the military establishment to...
  • 29.jpg
    ISAF Vehicles Afghanistan 2007
    This book is a fascinating and revealing look at the vehicles used by ISAF forces in Afghanistan. The author is a serving army officer who spent some time in the Kabul and Kandahar regions in 2007.

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