Camouflage & Decals 48-01

Caudron CR.714; Morane Ms.406;Curtiss Hawk H75A

Camouflage & Decals • 2010
AuthorsBartłomiej Belcarz
IllustratorLiviu Morosanu
Release date2010-09-16
SeriesCamouflage & Decals
Cat. No.48-01
CategoryAvailable CategoryDostępne
FormatB4, 16 pages (16 in colour)
Price50.00 PLN Price12.99 GBP

Książka z nowej serii: Camouflage & Decals.

W książce został opisany z dużą dokłądnością kamuflaż 3 samolotów z drugiej wojny światowej:

Caudron CR.714

Morane MS.406

P-36/Hawk 75

Książka zawiera wysokiej jakości kalkomanie (pełny zestaw łącznie ze znakami państowymi, do 3 opisanych samolotów w skali 1/48

This is the first in a new series, Camouflage & Decals. The book describes in great detail the camouflage and markings of three aircraft types used by Polish pilots in France in 1939 and 1940: Caudron CR.714 - a series of fighter aircraft developed by Caudron-Renault for the French Armee de l'Air just prior to the start of World War II. Morane MS.406 - another Armee de l'Air fighter built in 1938, this was France's most important fighter during the early days of WW II. Curtiss Hawk H75A - the export version of the American P-36/Hawk 75 saw extensive service in France in 1940, where they were modified with French equipment. The book includes high quality Techmod decals to be used on 1/48 scale models of these aircraft.
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