Classic Warbirds #12

Classic Warbirds • 2011
AuthorsMalcolm Laird, Steve Mackenzie
IllustratorMalcolm Laird
Release date2011-04-01
SeriesClassic Warbirds
Cat. No.CW012
CategoryAvailable CategoryDostępne
FormatB5, 72 pages (8 in colour)
Price42.00 PLN Price9.99 GBP

Poprawiona wersja książki ANZAC Spitfire pilots.

Książka opowiada historię dziesięciu pilotów z Australii i Nowej Zelandii, latających na Spitfire i Hurricane w Wlk. Brytanii i na Bliskim Wschodzie.

Historia oparta jest na wywiadach z pilotami oraz ich spisanych wspomnieniach.

Doskonale ilustrowana zdjęciami (wiele zdjęć pochodzi z kolekcji opisywanych pilotów) oraz kolorowymi sylwetkami samolotów.

An updated and extended version of the now out-of-print CW volume on ANZAC Spitfire pilots, this new book in the highly acclaimed “Classic Warbirds” series tells the stories of ten Australian and New Zealand pilots in WW2, flying Spitfires and Hurricanes based in Britain, the Middle East and the CBI theatre. Based on interviews with the pilots and their written memoirs, this is a fascinating look at the personalities inside the fighter planes. Profusely illustrated with photos (many from the pilots’ own collections) and Malcolm Laird’s superb artwork, this is essential reading for students of WW2 air warfare, enthusiasts and modellers.
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  • Airfix Model World • 2013-03-28
  • Scalemodeling.now • 2013-03-28

    Book Review by: Tom Potter

    This book is a revised and expanded version of the earlier title: Spitfire – the ANZACs.

    As the title suggests, this book is about the experiences of Australian and New Zealand pilots who flew Spitfires and Hurricanes with the air forces of the Commonwealth during the Second World War.

    These experiences are related by the authors through interviews with the pilots and their relatives; meaning authenticity can be guaranteed.

    Several pages are devoted to each of the pilots and gives a little of their history before going on to relate their experiences of flying and fighting in these iconic aircraft. These adventures are told in fascinating detail.

    Of particular interest is the story related by S/Ldr Jeff West, DFM, who flew as Douglas Bader’s wingman on the day he was lost in August, 1941. Although this doesn’t clear up the mystery of how Bader was lost, it does give an insight to the events of that day and West’s personal opinion of Bader’s loss.

    The book is not specifically aimed at modelers, but there are some interesting colour three-views and profiles to give the modeler some ideas for upcoming projects.

    Altogether, an absolutely fascinating read about what being a fighter pilot was like and, in many cases the bravery shown by these men who came to the aid of their Commonwealth brothers-in-arms.

    The text is profusely illustrated with blackout and white photographs throughout showing the aircraft and personalities in the narrative, which only adds to its huge overall appeal.

    Highly Recommended.

  • Hyperscale.com • 2013-03-28

    Reviewed by Mark Davies


    The book is an updated and extended version of an earlier and now out-of-print volume on ANZAC Spitfire pilots. It tells the stories of ten New Zealand and Australian pilots who served in WW2, flying both Spitfires and Hurricanes in a variety of operational scenarios from the West European, Middle Eastern and China-Burma-India theatres.

    The accounts are based on interviews with the pilots and their written memoirs. This approach gives an interesting insight to the reality of what they experienced. This provides for a variety of situations and narrative styles, all of which are easy to read. There are many interesting anecdotes; one that struck me was an account of how the Italians, before retreating from their airfields, sabotaged what appeared to be flyable airframes with acid on the internal structure!

    The ten pilots covered by the volume are:

    Wing Commander Roy Buchanan (NZ)

    Wing Commander Johnny Checketts (NZ)

    Pilot Officer Hugh Dean (NZ)

    Squadron Leader Graham Falconer (Aust)

    Group Captain Colin Gray (NZ)

    Flight Lieutenant Edward Hall (Aust)

    Squadron Leader Don Mclean (Aust) vFlight Lieutenant Alan Pearl (NZ) vFlight Lieutenant Lawrence Weggery (NZ) vSquadron Leader Jeff West (NZ) vSo things are a bit biased towards the Kiwis with on only three out of ten being Aussies. This however does not detract from the enjoyment of reading the accounts and studying the numerous supporting photographs with their explanatory captions.

    From a modelling point of view there are very nicely rendered colour plans and profiles of the pilots’ aircraft, and in some cases notes on the pilot’s recollections regarding the colour his aircraft was painted in cases where non-standard colours were used. Of course the numerous photos are also of interest to modellers, with in-service wear and tear being well illustrated.


    This high quality publication is an enjoyable and interesting read. The personal accounts bring to life and give an insight to the circumstances these men served in. The extensive photographic illustrations both serve to give a face to the stories and provide the modeller with many interesting views of service aircraft. The high quality colour artworks provide a useful guide to any modeller inspired to build the aircraft flown by the pilots whose stories are told


  • IPMSUSA.org • 2013-03-28

    This book is a revised and expanded edition of an original book on ANZAC Spitfire pilots that is now out of print. This book gives accounts of the service of ten pilots, seven from New Zealand and three from Australia who served in the China-Burma-India theatre, Europe and the Middle East while flying Hurricanes and Spitfires.

    The stories within are based on actual accounts of these pilots sourced through memoirs and/or personal interviews. The pilot’s opinions are frank and uncensored and make for a fascinating read. There is a good teaser from the authors about Squadron Leader Jeff West’s further knowledge of the loss of Douglas Bader. Sadly he passed away before the follow-up interview could be conducted. vA real treat here for the modeler is the profile and three view artwork by Malcolm Laird which are always first rate. The other bonus is the many photographs, a large number of which came from the pilot’s own personal collections and have not seen before by anyone other than family members.

    This book gives us a nice look at the men who were in the planes we all love to model. It also gives a look at some stories that may not be as well known to those of us outside of Australia and New Zealand. Anyone who enjoys pilot histories and personal accounts will enjoy this book. Modelers will find some good schemes to build some of the Spitfires and Hurricanes they have in their stash. I recommend this to all of the above. Our thanks to Mushroom Model Publications for the review copy!

  • scaleplasticandrail.com • 2013-03-28

    ANZAC modelling fans please take note! This is an updated and extended version of the now out-of-print volume on ANZAC Spitfire and Hurricane pilots based in Britain, the Middle East and the CBI theatre.

    How does it differ from the previous publication? It has been revised and expanded – some stories have been deleted and new material added, such as the Luftwaffe ‘broken eagle’ photographs from the collections of the airmen whose service careers are now covered.

    The Airmen whose stories are in this edition are:

    Wing Commander Roy Buchanan, DFC, USAM, RNZAF

    Wing Commander Johnny Checketts, DSO, DFC, RAF, RNZAF

    Pilot Officer Hugh Dean, RNZAF

    Squadron Leader Graham Falconer, RAAF

    Group Captain Colin Gray, DSO, DFC, RAF

    Flight Lieutenant Edward Hall, RAAF

    Squadron Leader Don Maclean, RAAF

    Flight Lieutenant Alan Peart, DFC, RNZAF

    Flight Lieutenant Lawrence Weggery, RNZAF

    Squadron Leader Jeff West, DFM

    This is a ‘power packed’ edition with no less than 93 black and white photographs and 8 full pages of colour profiles (9 if you include the five profiles on the back cover!) complementing the very interesting stories these fliers have to tell.

    So what do we think?

    This is a ‘must have’ book if you are a student of World War II air warfare or a modeller wishing to enhance his/her collection of reference books. Available from all good bookshops at £9.99 or, £11.50(UK) £12(Europe) which includes post and packaging, direct from Mushroom Model Publications (www.mmpbooks.biz). A snip - and excellent value for money.

    Peter Buckingham

  • InternetModeler.com • 2013-03-28

    By Chris Banyai-Riepl

    Updating and expanding their earlier title, "Spitfire - the ANZACs", this latest title from Ventura Publications moves beyond the Spitfire and covers a broader range of subjects. The book is divided up according to individuals, with the majority coming from New Zealand. The men include Wing Commander Roy Buchanan, Wing Commander Johnny Checketts, Pilot Officer Hugh Dean, Group Captain Colin Gray, Flight Lieutenant Alan Peart, Flight Lieutenant Lawrence Weggery and Squadron Leader Jeff West from New Zealand, and Squadron Leader Graham Falconer, Flight Lieutenant Edward Hall, and Squadron Leader Don Maclean from Australia.

    For each of those fliers, the chapters combine personal recollections and memoirs with detailed historical research. This combination results in a great text that will keep the reader engrossed. Complementing the text are plenty of photographs showing the aircraft of the individuals, as well as some of the Luftwaffe broken eagles. While the majority of the aircraft shown are Spitfires, there are some other aircraft shown, such as the Hurricane and Blenheim. Since the photos are in black and white, there is a center color profiles section that documents the colors and markings of many of these aircraft.

    This is a great update to an already wonderful title, and it is good to see Ventura Publications revisiting this subject.

  • Model Aircraft 09/2011 • 2013-03-28
  • SAMI vol 17/6 • 2013-03-28
  • IPMS UK Magazine 4/2011 • 2013-03-28
  • Cybermodeler.com • 2013-03-28

    By Ray Mehlberger

    Date of Review April 2011

    Ventura Publications is located in New Zealand. Although the title page says that the book is printed there it is actually printed by Stratus in Poland in the English language. Stratus also prints Mushroom Model Publications books in English and Polish and their own books. Stratus sent me this book for review.

    This new book is in 7” x 9 ½” soft-cover page format. It is 72 pages in length.

    The book is an updated and extended version of the now out-of-print volume on ANZAC Spitfire pilots. This new book is in the highly acclaimed “Classic Warbirds” series. It tells the stories of ten Australian and New Zealand pilots in WW2. They flew Spitfires and Hurricanes based in Britain, the Middle East and the CBI theatre.

    Based on interviews with the pilots and their written memoirs, it is a fascinating look at the personalities inside these fighter planes.

    It is profoundly illustrated with 93 black and white wartime photos and one color one on the front cover. The color shot shows pilot Charles Beal standing in front of his Hurricane with ground crewman Hugh Dean on the wing. The nose art on the Hurricane was done by Dean. Several other nose arts are shown throughout the book also.

    There are 2 line drawings of the camera installation apparatus used in Spitfires. Malcolm Laird did the artwork and there are 20 color illustrations by him. Some of these are 5-views and 3-views. The rest of them are profiles and 6 of these profiles appear on the back cover.

    Inside the back cover are illustrations of the cover arts of 4 other books by Ventura in their

    Classic Warbirds series:

    No. 1 “Spitfire, Star of Israel”

    No. 3 “Spitfire, Camouflage & Markings”

    No. 8 “Pacific Twins” (about P-38’s, PV-1’s & B-25’s)

    No. 9 “Fighter Archives” (about Polish nightfighters, Luftwaffe colors & Avia S-199’s)

    Below this is a listing of 19 different aircraft decal sheets in 1/48th scale that Ventura markets.

    This book will prove to be essential reading for students of WWII air warfare, enthusiasts and modelers alike.

  • ModelingMadness.com • 2013-03-28

    Reviewer: Scott Van Aken

    This is the first of Ventura's books I have had the opportunity to read and it is basically an updated and extended version of the out of print volume on ANZAC Spitfire pilots.

    It contains the biographies of ten Australian and New Zealand pilots who flew during World War II in all theaters of operations from the UK to North Africa and Italy to the CBI and Southwest Pacific. In addition to their personal recollections and history of the time, there are a superb number of period photos, often from the pilot's own collections. In addition to all this, the book has several pages of full color profiles and three views of the aircraft they flew. This makes it not only interesting to the general reader, but a great reference for the modeler.

    I found it to be a superb read and considering the number of different Spitfire types they flew, a book that had no trouble keeping my interest page after page. I can easily recommend this one to you.

    April 2011

  • Air Modeler 36 • 2013-03-28
  • MiniReplika Nr 70 • 2011-05-23

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