Polskie Skrzydła Nr 1

SPAD 61C1, SPAD 51C1, Wibault 70C1

Polskie Skrzydła • 2005
AuthorsBartłomiej Belcarz, Wojciech Sankowski
IllustratorWojciech Sankowski
Release date2005-01-01
SeriesPolskie Skrzydła
Cat. No.PS01
CategoryAvailable CategoryDostępne
FormatWojciech Sankowski, 48 pages (24 in colour)
Price39.00 PLN Price0.00 GBP

Errata Samolot na stronie 38 (zdjecie z prawej) miał być Spadem 51, ale w rzeczywistości jest Spadem 61. Wielu patrzyło, nikt nie widział. Podobnie z fotką kabiny Spada 61, która należy zapewne do Poteza.

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  • Cybermodeler.com • 2010-06-30

    by Ray Mehlberger

    Mushroom Model Publications is based in the UK. They have their books printed in Poland by Stratus Publications in Sandomierz. In the English language. This book is by Stratus and is all in the Polish language.

    The book is 48 pages in length in 8 ¼” x 11 ¾” format.

    It covers two Spad biplanes: the 61C1 & 51C1 and the parasol winged Wibault 70C1 with many pictures and color profiles of each. There are 135 black and white photos in the book. 27 of these are of squadron members. The front and back covers each sport a color photo.

    There are 22 color profiles of the Spad 61C1. One of these is a 4-view and another is a 2-view. There are 10 color profiles of the Spad 51C1. One of these is a 3 view. Finally, there are 5 color profiles of the Wibault 70C1. One of these is a 3-view. These color profiles all appear next to actual black and white photos of the aircraft being depicted.

    The book also has 5 data lists, an illustration of the marking spacing of the fuselage insignias and letters for the Spad 61C1 and illustrations of it’s cockpit interior with all the instruments labeled and named. A further illustration shows tail insignia spacing.

    For the Spad 51C1 we get an illustration of the interior structure of the tail and landing gear, the cockpit interior – also with everything labeled and an interior illustration of the wing structure.

    There are illustrations of 8 Polish squadron badges in black and white with their dimensions noted. 30 more squadron badges are illustrated in color on the last page of the book.

    Although the book is all in Polish, the color profiles and illustrations will be of value to modelers and of interest to aviation historians alike.

    Highly recommended.

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