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British Private Aircraft Volume One

The Re-awakening Years 1946-1970

Others • 2012
AuthorsArthur W.J.G. Ord-Hume
Release date2012-05-28
Cat. No.Oth. 06
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FormatA4, 318 pages
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This comprehensive new book follows on the story of British light aircraft design and production from the author’s early book, “British Light Aeroplanes - Their Evolution, Development and Perfection 1920-1940”. From a dominant position pre-war, the British aviation industry failed to respond to the new post-war era, and struggled to produce new designs and develop markets. Arthur Ord-Hume was closely involved in light aircraft design in this period, and he uses his inside knowledge to good effect in telling the sad story of the decline and almost terminal failure of the British light aircraft makers. Many promising designs fell foul of government policies and indecision, over-ambitious companies or simple lack of finance, and the amalgamation of many small companies proved no more successful than in the motor industry in these years. The author describes in great detail the background and development of the industry post-war, and provides details of all the aircraft, aero-engine and propeller manufacturers active in this period. Amateur and home-built designs are also covered, and the whole book is comprehensively illustrated with many photos from the author’s unrivalled collection, plus contemporary adverts and marketing literature. This book is possibly the definitive study of the topic, in conjunction with Vol.2 which will provide full technical descriptions and line drawings of every single British light aircraft design of the period. Essential reading for anyone interested in light aircraft and the British aviation industry!

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  • "Vintage and Classic" magazine, Spring 2013. • 2013-11-15
  • Aeroplane 09/12 • 2013-11-15
  • Light Aviaton August 2012 • 2013-11-15
  • Amazon.co.uk customer review (1) • 2013-11-15

    Nearly excellent 15 Sep 2012

    By C. J. Scholfield

    My early "aircraft spotting" years were spent with these machines and Ord-Hume gives a very good review of the happenings of the time. He doesn't fail to criticise where necessary but I feel a little more research would have explained more of the failings. Some of the more obscure types don't have much at all, for example the Essex Aero Sprite. All in all a worthy effort though.

  • Amazon.de customer review (1) • 2013-11-15

    Von Willy-Robert Sauer

    Detailliert und ausgezeichnet bebilderte Geschichte des britischen Leichtflugzeugbaus nach dem 2. Weltkrieg. Der Name des Autors Ord-Hume lässt hohe Qualität erwarten und dieser Anspruch wird auch erfüllt. Er zeichnet erbarmungslos die Verantwortlichkeiten der für den Niedergang und das Verschwinden dieser Sparte des englichen Flugbaus auf, seien es Regierungen, Investoren oder die Konstrukteure selbst. Ich warte mit Spannung auf den zweiten Teil der Geschichte, habe ich doch selbst einen Teil meiner beruflichen Laufbahn in der Luftfahrtindustrie zugebracht.

  • Aero Space August 2013 • 2013-11-15

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