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Macchi C.202 Folgore 2nd edition

Orange • 2012
AuthorsPrzemysław Skulski
IllustratorKrzysztof Wołowski, Karolina Hołda
Release date2012-09-11
Cat. No.8114
CategorySold Out CategoryWyprzedana
FormatA4, 104 pages (104 in colour)
Price59.00 PLN Price14.99 GBP

Second edition, revised and extended. The development of the most famous Italian WWII fighter is described and illustrated. Combining the agility and excellent flying characteristics of the earlier MC.200 with a powerful German aero-engine, the Folgore was the best Italian fighter in large-scale service. It served with the Regia Aeronautica and other forces, including the Croatian air arm. This book describes the design, development and operations of this elegant and effective fighter. This expanded 2nd edition contains: scale plans, photos and drawings from Technical Manuals, superb colour illustrations of camouflage and markings, and rare b&w archive photographs. Colour photos of the preserved aircraft illustrate all aspects of the airframe. Essential reading for aviation enthusiasts & scale aeromodellers.

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  • Hyperscale.com • 2014-02-18

    Reviewed by Brad Fallen


    The Macchi C.202 Folgore is a less popular modelling subject than it deserves to be, given its streamlined appearance and competitive operational record. C.202s were finished in a wide range of camouflage schemes – some dauntingly complex, but others simply green or sand over grey or even overall silver. This Orange Series book from Mushroom Model Publications presents nearly 50 of these schemes, and complements them with useful historical, technical and walk around information that is aimed squarely at modellers. The book updates and expands a 2005 book on the same subject that has long been sold out on MMP’s website.

    Development. This is a low-key heading for a very informative chapter that examines the Folgore from concept to production (Serie I to Serie XVI), as well as reconnaissance and experimental versions. Skulski's analysis is backed up with a useful selection of period photos (some in colour), full colour profiles of nine different C.202s and black-and-white 1/48 scale plans. (The same plans are supplied in 1/72 scale on a separate A4 insert.) C.202 survivors. A brief but useful chapter that presents the history of the two surviving C.202s – in Italy and the USA – and points out at least one of these machines (the Italian example) was restored using some parts from the Folgore's successor, the C.205.

    Combat use. This 40 page chapter takes up nearly half of the book and describes the Folgore's operational use, from its debut over Malta in 1941 to its service with both post-armistice Italian air forces, the Luftwaffe and Croatia. Again, there are plenty of good quality period photos as well as lots more profiles – 40 of them, including several interesting captured machines.

    Technical description – a one-page chapter that describes the C.202's key features and provides relevant technical and performance data.

    Detail photos. This chapter contains nearly 150 walk around photos and technical drawings, which will provide anyone modelling the C.202 with plenty of information for adding further detail. The material is broken down logically into sections focusing on the fuselage, engine, canopy, cockpit, wings, tail, undercarriage, and armament, as well as some overall ‘general view’ photographs.

    While the quality of the text is fine – Skulski’s writing is clear and easy to follow – this book is really all about the images. Krzysztof Wolowski and Karolina Holda’s beautifully rendered colour profiles are the stars of the show, and should provide plenty of modelling ideas and inspiration for further research. Reinforcing the profiles is a good balance of contemporary wartime photographs and images of restored machines (allowing modellers to decide for themselves which components of the latter are original and which may have been sourced from C.205 parts!) The wartime photos are mostly good quality, particularly the colour images that provide useful (but not definitive) clues in relation to camouflage and finish. The contemporary technical drawings are also clearly reproduced. Finally, the 1/48 and 1/72 scale plans offer a quick identification guide to C.202 variants from the prototype to Serie XI.


    MMP’s revised ‘Macchi C.202 Folgore’ is a comprehensive examination of this famous Italian fighter, and will be a very useful source of information to anyone modelling the type. I now need to find myself a 1/48 Hasegawa C.202 kit and order some Mike Grant smoke ring decals…

    Highly Recommended.

  • AIR Modeller 45 • 2014-02-18
  • Airfix Model World No. 32 • 2014-02-18
  • SAMI 12/2012 • 2014-02-18
  • Inscale.org • 2014-02-18

    The development of the most famous Italian WWII fighter is described and illustrated. Combining the agility and excellent flying characteristics of the earlier MC.200 with a powerful German aero-engine, the Folgore was the best Italian fighter in large-scale service. It served with the Regia Aeronautica and other forces, including the Croatian air arm. This book describes the design, development and operations of this elegant and effective fighter.

    Table of Contents :



    C.202 “Folgore” Survivors

    Combat use

    Technical Description

    Detail Photos:

    General View



    Canopy & Cockpit



    Under Carriage


    The book contains 28 pages of colour profiles.

    This expanded 2nd edition contains: scale plans, photos and drawings from Technical Manuals, superb colour illustrations of camouflage and markings, and rare B&W archive photographs. Colour photos of the preserved aircraft illustrate all aspects of the airframe.

    What’s different from the original edition is more colour photographs, especially from the service years, the addition of 1/48th scale drawings, and some additional colour profiles that are reproduced at a larger size than previous edition.

    Conclusion :

    To me this aircraft is often overlooked and dismissed but with this publication it does an excellent job of bringing it to enthusiast’s attention with an interest in Axis aircraft. Not being overly technical but heavy on photos and profiles it will be a good primer for those just finding out the history of this aircraft and a tremendous reference to modellers that have a kit or two of this fine machine in their collection to be built. I have read this book from front to back and returned to it numerous times that my copy is now becoming dog eared.

    Anyone with an interest in Axis aircraft from Italy will certainly enjoy this revised edition of the Macchi C.202 Folgore.

    Most certainly recommended!

    Many thanks to Casemate Publishing U.S. for this copy for review.

    Reviewed by S. Danis

  • InternetModeler.com • 2014-02-18

    By Chris Banyai-Riepl

    Back in 2004, Mushroom Model Publications started a new series, their Orange Series. This was a blending of their Red Series, which typically documented history, and their Yellow Series, which was their aircraft monograph series. Since red and yellow makes orange, the Orange Series was born, and the second title in that line was on the Macchi C.202 Folgore. Now long out of print and difficult to find, that book remained one of the better volumes on this famous Italian fighter. Now, seven years later, Mushroom Model Publications has decided to republish that early book, this time in a new, larger format.

    Where the original book was in the small form factor that we have come to recognize as a Mushroom book, this new one is in a larger A4-sized binding. In comparing it to the original release, the content appears to be nearly identical, with the text and profile illustrations being the same. There does appear to be some more color wartime photos in this edition than the earlier one, though, which is nice. Whether that difference is worth it for those who have the earlier volume will be an individual choice.

    For those that do not have the earlier version, this is a great book on the Macchi C.202. The book starts with a solid overview on the development of the plane, followed by a detailed breakdown of the different variants. The history section covers the combat history as well as some of the stories of the C.202 outside of Italian hands. A nice photo walkaround provides a detailed examination of many museum examples, and finally the color profile section offers some of the colorful schemes worn by the Macchi C.202.

    If you don't have the first volume of this classic Mushroom Model Publication book, definitely grab this one if you are interested in Italian aircraft. The quality of information and presentation is simply superb. Should you already have the original title in your library, you will have to weigh the 1/48 scale drawings and additional color photos and see if the value is there.

  • Scalemodellingnow.com • 2014-02-18

    Review by Geoff Coughlin (Sep 2012)

    Our thanks to Mushroom Model Publications for supplying our review sample. Get this excellent title here now at: www.mmpbooks.biz

    MMP’s Orange series is building up into a bit of a one-stop-shop in terms of reference material relating to specific aircraft subjects as does the Yellow Series and what a reference resource this is. You can sum this title up in one word – superb!

    This title illustrates and describes the development of the most famous Italian WWII fighter. Combining the agility and excellent flying characteristics of the earlier C.200 with a powerful German aero-engine, the Folgore (Lightning) was the best Italian fighter in large-scale service and was designed by Mario Castoldi. It served with the Regia Aeronautica and other forces, including the Croatian air arm being used by the RA in combat from autumn 1941 until the end of the war, achieving significant success.

    The Macchi was a dangerous opponent for allied aircraft, especially in 1941-42, when it boasted superiority over the Hurricane and Tomahawk. Later on, when engaging the Spitfire and Kittyhawk, successes were harder to come by.

    All-colour profiles… You’ll see from the accompanying images that the quality of the profiles is very good with multi-plan view diagrams to help modellers get all the camouflage patters needed to make an accurate scale model.

    Scale plans too! Yep, you even get scale plans in 1:72. Photos and technical drawings from manuals are also included enabling you to create a highly detailed model if that’s what you want. What will also help are the great all-colour walkaround detail images of the real aircraft – these are excellent.

    This really is a comprehensive package and what’s particularly impressive about this Orange Series is the depth of detail across the board – it truly is a one-stop-shop reference for the type. What I particularly like is the A4 format – much easier to use and the images seem larger too making them more useful; a good decision this.

    Highly recommended

    Geoff C.

  • Aerostories.org • 2014-02-18

    I didn’t have the opportunity to read or see the first edition of this book, but the Macchi C.202 is the most famous Italian fighter of World War II and therefore a re-print seems logical if this title is sold out for a little while.

    Combining the Italian elegance and the German technology, that could only give a nice and efficient aircraft. Indeed, if the Macchi C.200, on which Mushroom has recently published a book, was a fighter with many strong points, it was handicapped by the lack of power of the engine. The Italian aeronautical industry of that time was highly penalized by the failure of its industry in developing powerful engines. This is why the Italians eventually imported the famous DB-601 German engine with its exceptional qualities. The Italians were not disappointed and the installation of the engine on an airframe of a C.200 gave excellent results allowing Italian fighter pilots to have a fighter capable to compete with the best opponent even the Spitfire, although C.202 armament remained its Achilles heel until the end of its career.

    In about hundred pages, sixty wartime photographs (some in color), fifty color profiles and many plans and technical drawings, Mushroom presents the Macchi C.202 in a beautiful way. What every reader will find is all what you need to know this aircraft and it should be seen as a must to anyone who is interested in the Italian Air Force.

    Phil Listemann

  • Model Airplane International 2012/12. • 2014-02-18
  • Cybermodeler.com • 2014-02-18

    By David L VeresSubject


    If you missed MMP's excellent Macchi C.202 Folgore the first time around, grab this revised release.

    The expanded, enlarged edition packs everything you need into one remarkably compact, convenient compendium. Seeking specific, "serie-by-serie" Macchi manufacturing minutiae? It's here – and more.

    After a concise chronicle of Folgore design and development, MMP's contents course through "survivors" and World War II service – including captured Allied, Co-Belligerent, German, Croatian and Swiss segues. Notes on postwar use complete historical coverage.

    Text next turns to technical details – including dozens of detail shots, drawings from Folgore technical manuals, and plans to 1:48 and 1:72 scales. Period photography – both color and B&W – season sections. And at least 60 superb color plates by Krzysztof Wolowski and Karolina Holda illustrate this vital volume.

    Modeling Macchi C.202s? Make MMP's monograph your guide to this fascinating fighter!

    Strongly recommended.

  • Amazon.com custemer review (1) • 2014-02-18

    A needed book December 4, 2012

    By J. C. ONeil

    This is a step forward, with lots of detail on an often overlooked aircraft that was important in the WW2 Med; some of the information is only of passing interest, but a good deal more provides modellers and aircraft buffs with hard to find facts. I had to order it from GB, as Amazon couldn't seem to acquire it here in the US. I would have really appreciated more technical information on Aircraft Evaluations by the Soviets, British and US technical intelligence agencies. Hard data on roll rates seems elusive and comparisons with Allied and other Axis aircraft are just opinions of pilots. The reality is that this seems to have been an important and capable fighter that held it's own under difficult conditions. It seems to have been able to hold it's own against mid-war Spitfires, P-40s, P-38s and even P-51s. It's weak armament handicapped it and Italian Air Force Tactics appear to have not helped it a lot. There was no enemy aircraft that could dismiss it lightly without endangering itself, and that makes it a darn good fighter. The book helps in seeing this aircraft in that perspective.

  • Amazon.co.uk customer review (1) • 2014-02-18

    12 Dec 2012


    Amazon Verified Purchase

    All Mushroom books are excellent value for money and Mc202 fills a gap in my aviation history. Italian aviation deserves recognition

  • indy-amps.weebly.com • 2014-02-18

    This new book came directly from Stratus, wrapped in several layers of heavy cardboard to protect it in the mail.

    The book is soft bound and 104 pages in 8 ¼” x 11 ¾” format.

    The development of the most famous Italian WWII fighter is described and illustrated. Combining the agility and excellent flying characteristics of the earlier c.200 Saetta with a powerful German aero-engine, the Folgore (Lightning) was the best Italian fighter in large-scale service. It served with the Regia Aeronautica (Italian Air Force) and other forces, including the Croatian air arm.

    The book describes the design, development and operations of this most elegant and effective fighter.

    This is the 2nd edition revised, enlarged and extended book on the C.202.

    It contains 1/72nd and 1/48th scale plans. The 1/48th scale ones include profiles of the prototype, Serie I, Serie III, Serie V, Serie IX and the Serie XI. The Serie IX is a 6-view illustration.

    There is a loose sheet, printed on both sides that is inserted into the book and has the 1/72nd scale line drawings on it.

    There are 90 black and white wartime photos. Three of these are pilot’s faces.

    There are 4 rare wartime color photos (including the cover art).

    There are 63 modern color photos. The majority of these are walk-around type of 2 surviving examples in museums.

    Included are 52 full color profile paintings. One of these is a 3-view, one is a top-view, one is a 2-view and two are a 4-view.

    There are tech manual illustrations. Six of these are for the fuselage, 13 are for the engine, 15 are for the cockpit and canopy, 3 are for the tail, 9 are for the undercarriage and 12 for the armament.

    This has got to be the definitive book on the C.202. It is really packed with info and great color profiles.

    Highly recommended.

    This new book will prove to be essential reading for aviation enthusiasts and scale modelers.

    A perfect companion volume to the recent MMP book on the c.202’s direct ancestor, the Macchi C.200 Saetta. The cover art for that book and the one on the Fieseler Fi 156 Storch are shown on the back cover of this book.

  • Model Aircraft 02/2013 • 2014-02-18
  • Amazon.com customer review (2) • 2014-02-18

    Good overall book December 22, 2012

    By kyofu

    The written historical background is particularly well-researched, and covers significant material not seen in other English-language references. There is also a really excellent selection of phototgraphs and wartime manual detail drawings, quite a few not familiar to me at least. The increased format size compared to Mushroom's first book on the 202 is appreciated.

    The color profiles are nicely done, but not as well-printed as some competing books, and the lack of technical description of the colors will disappoint modelers. The worst feature is perhaps the scale general arrangement drawings, which have some obvious errors in wing geometry and canopy details.

  • IpmsUSA.org • 2014-02-18

    Reviewed by: Tim Hortman, IPMS# 19789

    This book in the Orange Series from MMP describes the Italian WWII Macchi C.202 Folgore, or MC.202. This is the expanded second edition of this title, and contains some new information not in the first printing.

    The MC.202 is probably the most famous and recognizable Italian fighter of WWII. The aircraft was used in combat from its introduction in 1941 through the end of hostilities. It served with the Italian Air Force (Regia Aeronautica) and also with the German Luftwaffe, as well as a few other countries. This book mainly deals with the fighter in Italian service but does include a small section on the aircraft’s use with other countries.

    This publication is entirely in English, with many photos, profiles, and drawings. The book describes the design, development, and operations of the Folgore. Included here are many period photographs (some in color) which detail the MC.202 during WWII. Line drawings of the aircraft in 1/48 scale are dispersed throughout the text, and a loose page with 1/72 plans is also included.

    To me the most interesting feature of this title is the abundance of color profiles contained within. There are dozens of color profile illustrations showing the Folgore in just about every camouflage scheme used for this aircraft type – including some captured machines in Luftwaffe markings, as well as several British marked aircraft, and a profile of the example in the National Air and Space Museum. The plastic modeler may find these sufficiently inspiring to build more than one example of this Italian fighter, as the camouflage schemes are some of the most interesting one will find throughout the War.

    The period photographs are well done and nicely reproduced. They do a fine job of showing the operational history of the aircraft type, as well as some detail images the plastic modeler can use. Some of these are vintage color photographs, but most are black and white. Also included are drawings and illustrations from the aircraft’s technical manual detailing some of the inner components of the aircraft.

    There is also a large section of color detail photos of the two surviving and restored aircraft. The modeler will also find these very useful in making a better plastic model kit, as they are presented in more of a walk-around format by section for those searching for detail on a particular segment of the aircraft and airframe.

    I recommend this book to anyone interested in aviation history, Italian WWII aircraft, or a plastic modeler looking for some detailed information on this famous fighter. It is a fine edition to anyone’s reference section.

    Thank you to Mushroom Models Publications for the review sample and IPMS-USA for the review opportunity.

  • Le Fana de L'Aviation no 521 04/2013 • 2014-02-18

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