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Colour Your Moods

Colouring books • 2016
AuthorsZoe Lux
IllustratorZoe Lux
Release date2016-06-30
SeriesColouring books
Cat. No.Col01
CategoryAvailable CategoryDostępne
Format210x210, 64 pages
Price19.00 PLN Price4.99 GBP

Odkryj nowy punkt widzenia i zaskocz swój umysł.
Odkrywcza i inspirująca kolorowanka dla dorosłych.
30 doskonałych, artystycznych kolorowanek.

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Tył okładki.

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Find another point of view and surprise your mind. A powerful and inspiring adult colouring book to express your different moods, featuring thirty artistic, original, gorgeously detailed illustrations. Find the author on Facebook and share your opinion and work: zoelux33@gmail.com. Colour, tear off and share with your friends, or just decorate your room. Every page could be easily cut out and framed, scanned and emailed to your friends. A new popular colouring book which can be used for therapeutic purposes to share your moods.

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