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German Air Projects Vol. 3 Bombers

Red • 2007
AuthorsMarek Ryś
Release date2007-08-01
Cat. No.5110
CategorySold Out CategoryWyprzedana
FormatB5, 96 pages (8 in colour)
Price44.00 PLN Price13.99 GBP

This is the third volume of a complete history of might-have-been German Air Force aircraft projects from World War Two. The speculation about what the German Air Force (Luftwaffe) might have achieved if World War II had continued into 1946 is a fascinating and rapidly growing field of interest. This book continues some of this intriguing speculation with extensive believable illustrations of German bombers that were proposed but which never flew, from the mid thirties until the end of the War.

This work includes a rarely documented aspect of World War Two aviation history. It features superb colour artwork and black-and-white scale plans.

Previous volumes in the "German Secret Air Projects" series include:

Volume 1: "Fighters", 83-916327-5-X (Autumn 2003; GBP 9.99);

Volume 2: "Fighters", 83-89450-07-0 (Summer 2004; GBP 9.99).


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  • Hyperscale.com • 2010-10-20

    Reviewed by Rob Baumgartner

    F i r s t R e a d

    There were countless designs proposed for the Luftwaffe during World War II, and many more leading up to the conflict. Some made it to fruition but most failed to materialize.

    The author examines the reasons for some of these failures in Mushroom Model Publications latest release.

    This volume, devoted to bomber designs, is the third in the series of “German Air Projects”.

    The book encompasses these “what might have been” developments and presents them to the reader in a handy well laid out reference source.

    There are 89 pages of text and a further eight that contains the artwork. The latter shows how these aircraft may have looked… had they become operational. All of the images are expertly rendered and the illustrator goes to great lengths to ensure a very realistic appearance for his subjects.

    The projects are arranged in alphabetical order according to those companies that conceived them. Each contains some very interesting text which explains how the type came about, its proposed development, and the ultimate fate of the subject.

    Specifications and estimated performance figures are not forgotten with the former coming in a handy table. These may differ from some references containing technical data; however the author makes it clear that all the information came from original German sources. He also notes that even these “official” sources contained variations.

    “Scale” plans are also a feature of this publication and these are competently done by Marek Ryś.


    Much information has recently come to light regarding Germany's wartime ventures.

    These “paper projects continue to intrigue the public due their ingenuity and boldness with design. This book captures the imagination of the subject matter and relays it in a readable, easily digestible format.

    Recommended to all “Luftwaffe ‘46' fans.

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