Sold Out

Japanese Submarine Aircraft

Red • 2002
AuthorsTadeusz Januszewski
IllustratorArtur Juszczak
Release date2002-05-01
Cat. No.5103
CategorySold Out CategoryWyprzedana
FormatB5, 128 pages (32 in colour)
Price0.00 PLN Price0.00 GBP
The first English language book to describe in detail the aircraft carried by Japan's extensive submarine fleet in World War Two. More than any other nation, Japan designed, built and operated aircraft launched from submarines, using them for reconnaissance and also (uniquely) for bombing and attack missions. This fascinating history of an under-published aspect of World War Two aviation warfare is illustrated with photographs, scale plans (1/72) and full colour illustrations. Colour photos of preserved Seiran.
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  • Internet Modeler • 2009-03-19
    This is the latest book to come to us from the editor of Mushroom Model Magazine (by the way, an excellent little publication). It is in the usual B5 size of 9 3/8" by 6 3/8" format with a soft cover. Like the previous books that I have reviewed by this publisher, this book was originally published in the Polish language. It is now in English.

    A loose sheet, that was included inside the book, said that there are over 320 B & W photos in the book. I took actual count and it is 341. There are also eight pages of color profiles (20) of various types of aircraft that the Soviets were flying at the time of the Barbarosa invasion. One, lonely, war-time color photo adorns the back cover of the book.

    Orders of battle, during the German attack, and – published for the first time ever – a table of all the Soviet aircraft captured during the initial phase of the war. Two maps of the German advances, German bases and Soviet Military Districts and bases. Details of Soviet and German losses during the first weeks of the Barbarosa Operation.

    The book has a glossary of acronyms, and a bibliography.

    This book is virtual picture album. 99% of it is photos with captions underneath. The photos mainly show wrecked Soviet aircraft, that were destroyed by the Luftwaffe during the attack.

    It is vividly shown how badly the Germans mauled the Soviet air arm, and...to that end the book is interesting. From a modeling standpoint the color profiles are good to get paint schemes from. The photos, however, are rather small...so hard to make much detail from.

    Highly recommended for students of this battle.

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