Sold Out

Fiat CR.42 Falco

Orange • 2007
AuthorsPrzemysław Skulski
IllustratorArtur Juszczak
Release date2007-03-01
Cat. No.8104
CategorySold Out CategoryWyprzedana
Format240x165 mm (B5), 144 pages (64 in colour)
Price0.00 PLN Price0.00 GBP
The Fiat CR42 Falco, was the Regia Aeronautica's last biplane fighter in a period when the monoplane had already gained predominance, yet was the combat aircraft built in the greatest number by the Italians during World War II. 1,781 of these agile and robust aircraft came off the production lines - despite the presence of (and the need for) more modern and competitive planes. It was also a successful export, seeing service in the liveries of Belgium, Hungary and Sweden. This book focuses on a rarely documented aspect of World War Two aviation history. It includes superb colour illustrations of camouflage and markings, walk-around colour photographs and rare b+w archive photographs. It is essential reading for aviation enthusiasts and scale aero-modellers.
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